Causes of AVN

When it comes to causes of AVN Avascular Necrosis. First we need to know that AVN is of two types- traumatic and non traumatic. In non traumatic condition there are mainly three causes responsible for avascular necrosis. Alcohol, Steroids and Fats. There are many other reasons behind Avascular necrosis. But main causes are alcohol and steroids, nowadays. So does it mean that every person who is consuming alcohol or steroids will get the AVN? How long it takes to develop AVN in a patient? What are the other causes behind AVN?

We need to find these answers because the main thing any disease’s treatment is “education”. Education about a disease is the best treatment and medicine. Answering all questions one by one here

Causes of AVN

Only few percent cases of AVN are those who met an accident. So percentage of AVN caused by injury are very few. But on other hand, patients who had consumed alcohol or steroids are higher in number. On third number are the patients who had a history of high cholesterol and triglycerides. Fourth are those who have sickle cell anaemia.

Avascular necrosis is not always a primary condition. It appears as a secondary disease too in many cases. Like in case of Autoimmune diseases where patient needs to take steroids regularly for treatment. This regular use of steroids will lead to the problem of avascular necrosis among the patients. In same case, patients suffering with Chronic Renal Failure or same, who doesn’t have any option other than steroids. Can also be effected with this disease of Avascular necrosis.

How does Avascular necrosis occur

These are the fat cells or sickle cells in most of the cases, which blocks passage of the blood vessels and causes the problem. These cells blocks arteries through occupying the blood vessel lumen. Once these vessels are not proper and open. This leads to the impaired blood supply to the bone. When bone doesn’t get proper nutrition it starts decaying. Surface of bone, involved in the joints roughens. This leads to the pain while using the joint.

How Quickly does AVN Progress

This is a fiery condition. It is aggressive. AVN progresses very quick. This is the reason in most of the cases diagnosis of AVN is in Grade II only. If patient keeps on continuing use of causative factors- things deteriorates very quickly. Once a patients wake up, it is already too late.

Due to this aggressive nature of the disease, we just take cases up to a limit. Once disease progresses beyond a line of healing it becomes impractical to treat an AVN case. So it is important to treat all the cases of AVN in treatment but causes of AVN should also be kept in mind. Once we avoid the causes of AVN than we can lead to treatment of the condition.

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