Treatment for avascular necrosis hip

Avascular Necrosis Hip Joint patient without total hip replacement

Total Hip Replacement is the solution for Avascular Necrosis Hip joint a. As per western medical science. Before hip replacement, medicines, core decompression and many things are told. Sukhayu Ayurved is providing treatment for Avascular Necrosis Hip Joint since last 7 years. Without total hip replacement  only through ayurvedic medicines and panchakarma treatment. This is a case study of the patient Mr. Rajender Verma.

Avascular Necrosis Hip Case Without Total Hip replacement treatment for avascular necrosis hip joint

Rajender Verma Ji belongs to Rajasthan. He works as a government employee with a lot of field work. Mr. Verma started feeling pain in the inner thigh back in 2013. He was unable to walk straight. He was not able to walk properly. Soon he started the limping on one side also. He rushed to some orthopedics. Doctors advised for MRI of Hip Joint.  MRI report read- Grade 3 in Left and Grade 1 in Right hip. This was  shocking for him. Because his age was just 34 years. He was quickly advised for total hip replacement. Here is the MRI report of Mr. Verma.

He started with conventional system of medicines. But pain was increasing day by day. Somebody suggested him for Ayurvedic treatment for Avascular Necorsis hip and he rushed to Sukhayu.

Diagnosing AVN HIP at Sukhayu

During taking history of Mr. Verma. Dr. Pardeep Sharma noticed that he was using the steroids knowingly or unknowingly for his allergy in nose. This was the main reason behind the Avascualr necrosis of hip. We planned the treatment without total hip replacement

Treatment for Avascular Necrosis Hip

As per our principle of following Ayurvedic text. Treatment of Mr. Verma started under Dr. Pardeep Sharma. The first line of treatment was- Panchakarma. We gave him Panchakarma for 16 days at a stretch. After 10-11 days Mr. Verma started feeling better. His walk improved. His medicines were continued. The treatment for Avascular necrosis hip was designed to make sure that blood supply will be resumed to the head of femur in this patient.

He resumed his duties well with in one month. He started driving and biking. His daily walk improved with in 2 months.

His medicines were continue for 18 months. In these 18 months he came twice for panchakarma at sukhayu. Two times for 8 days.

His X Rays speak louder than our words now. You can check the difference in the X Ray before and after treatment. He doesn’t have any problems in walking or doing anything.

We evaluated the patient through Harris Hip Score and it improved dramatically from 55.4 to 90. His recent reports are quite normal. 
Without Total Hip replacement treatment for avascular necrosis hip joint

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