Non surgical treatment for avascular necrosis of the hip is not less than a challenge. But the capability of Ayurveda to treat the chronic and challenging cases ensures the non surgical treatment for avascular necrosis of the hip. At Sukhayu Ayurved we follow the same timeless, ancient system of Ayurveda which was established by our Rishis. Case of Mr. Santosh is just one glimpse of Ayurveda. His gait was completely deformed.

The day when Santosh Ji came to us. His legs were wide open. He was not able to walk properly. His gate was disturbed completely. Moment he consulted some physicians and surgeons. Everybody advised him for one thing and that is- surgery. He never wanted to go for surgery. So he decided to come to ayurveda for Non Surgical Treatment for Avascular Necrosis of the Hip.

Non Surgical Treatment for Avascular Necrosis of the Hip

Mr. Santosh was alcoholic since many years. Therefore for us main cause behind this was- Alcohol. Alcohol is vyavaayi and vikashi in guna. Alcohol reduces the Ojus in body and vitiates Rakta Dhatu. Keeping all these things his treatment was planned by our Vaidyas. The main core of Non Surgical Treatment for Avascular Necrosis of the Hip in this case was to remove the toxins from the body. Since this patient was alcoholic. The main procedure of Panchakarma for Avascular Necrosis of hip was- Virechana.

After Virechana because Vata aggravates. Thus pain increased. The next step was Basti. He was given Karma Basti with Majja and Vasa. So that we can reduce the Bone marrow oedema of the patient’s femur neck. This worked well. Gate of Mr. Santosh improved just in 30 days of time.

The second session of panchakarma for non surgical treatment of avascular necrosis of the hip, was done in a gap of 3 months on Mr. Santosh.

Results of Non Surgical Treatment for Avascular Necrosis of the Hip

Nothing can be better than an evidence. Xray and MRI are the best evidences in case of problems with bones. In this case we found immediate reversal of the condition in his Xray. Here is the comparison

Changes in Xray of Patient After non surgical treatment for avascular necrosis

If you are also suffering with same problem and want to get rid of the avascular necrosis, Sukhayu is the right place for this. Non Surgical Treatment for Avascular Necrosis of the Hip is only possible through Ayurveda and Panchakarma treatments. Contact us to get all the details about the treatment.

Hope is the first ingredient of any treatment. When it comes to conditions like avascular necrosis. Hope becomes more important. Because in this case patient knows the severity of the problem and condition. This hope strengthens after listening success stories of patients. Like other cases Mr. Jitendar from Haryana is one such case. This case boosted our moral for always. He came to us with a condition of Avascular necrosis in both hips. The main query for him was avascular necrosis stage 2 3 treatment because his MRI was-

Findings are Suggestive of Avascular necrosis of both hip joints Rt grade 2 and Lt grade 3. 

Mr. Jitendar consulted immediately with many orthopedicians and he ended up with only one though and that was to go for surgery later or sooner. But it is not an easy call to go for surgery in age of 33 years. He started looking for alternate to surgery for hip avn. He came to know about Sukhayu and rest made a history for patient and us–

Avascular Necrosis Stage 2 3 treatment

Condition of Mr. Jitendar was not good on the day from when we started his treatment. His moral was down. Doctors told him to use crutches. He was in bed. Due to disability and pain he stopped going to office. He was not able to open up his legs, apart. His walk was totally messed up.

After a round of detailed consultations. He joined us for the first session of treatment which is of 16 days at Sukhayu Ayurved jaipur for Avascular Necrosis Stage 2 3 treatment. During the first session of the treatment-

  1. Walk improved for the patient.
  2. He was able to open up his legs well.
  3. Patient started walking normally.
  4. Pain in the hip joint was reduced to almost 40%.

But pain and other symptoms are not worries of our physicians. We aim higher. We were looking for complete recovery.

Avascular Necrosis Stage 2 3 treatment: Ayurveda Medicines

This is always important to use the right medicines in this case. After pulse diagnosis Vaidya Pardeep Sharma starts medicines for the patients. So was done with Mr. Jitendar. After the first session of the Panchakarma treatments for Avascular Necrosis Stage 2 3 treatment- medicines continued for next 60 days for the patient. He joined back office and started riding his bike. Because he was able to open up the legs now. This brought great confidence in him.

Now Mr. Jitendar was able to walk better and better every day.

His first MRI of hip joint was done on 22nd June 2017. Recovery was great and we exDate pected one more case where we can find this changes in the MRI. It was in October 31, 2017 when we got the great news. Changes in MRI can be seen very well in the image below.

Best Ayurveda Avascular Necrosis Stage 2 3 treatment

Changes in MRI are quite visible. In MRI dated Jun 22 2017 you can see the cartilage is damaged more than 40 to 50% in both right and left images. On other hand hip MRI on the right shows just 10-20% of cartilage loss.

Thus, we just don’t work on reduction of pain. We believe in reconstruction of bone and cartilage in all such cases. This is the reason Sukhayu is the best place for providing treatment of Avascular Necrosis Stage 2 3. Please contact us and share your all the details and we will let you to know about all possibilities of treatment.

You talk about treatment in allopathy. They are champions now. Champions in changing the joints. They replace everything. What they can! But opposite to this. Ayurveda believes in restorations. Ayurveda talk about rebuilding the decayed joints. Thus we follow approach of Ayurveda at Sukhayu Ayurveda. We are providing solution for Avascular Necrosis of Hip joint since 2010. In this journey, Ayurveda treated a lot of patients. Mr. Vyas is one of them. Therefore it is important to share the story with you here. How did Mr. Vyas change his disability into capacity? How did we give best AVN hip joint ayurvedic treatment to him? And what are the results.

No history of steroids. He is a teetotaler so no issue with alcohol . No causative factors were there. Still he suffered from the AVN hip joint. The main issue with Mr. Vyas was increased triglycerides. Once we had the causative factor, we were able to plan the treatment accordingly.

AVN Hip Joint Ayurvedic Treatment

The first suggestion by surgeon was- total hip replacement. Thus Mr. Vyas came to Sukhayu Ayurved. We checked him properly and after taking all history. Treatment plan was prepared. We advised him for certain dietary restrictions. Panchakarma started.

Amazingly, surgeon told him- if you will  put weight on your hip and will walk normal your bone will crush? This made his life miserable. Once he started treatment at Sukhayu Ayurved, Dr. Pardeep suggested him to walk normally. His pain disappeared within three weeks and he resumed his duties.

In starting time of treatment, he was not sure that AVN hip joint ayurvedic treatment will work or not? But as soon as he relieved in pain. That too without any painkillers. He was confident enough.

What did AVN Hip Joint ayurvedic treatment change?

In earlier days we at Sukhayu wondered (some 6 years back) will our treatment bring some changes in XRay and MRI? Now, when we have enough evidences. We can share these success stories of AVN hip joint ayurvedic treatment.

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This all needed evidences. Cases like Mr. Vyas, boosted our spirit. Changes in XRay brought a lot of confidence to us, not only to the patients. Hence we kept on improving. As a result of this improvement today we can share, which grade of AVN of HIP joint we can treat. In earlier days, when we started treating these cases. We didn’t have any data or reports. Therefore Sukhayu didn’t promote treatment of AVN anywhere. But now, when we have ample of data we can say- yes there are better hopes for AVN hip joint ayurvedic treatment


Avascular Necrosis Hip Joint patient without total hip replacement

Total Hip Replacement is the solution for Avascular Necrosis Hip joint a. As per western medical science. Before hip replacement, medicines, core decompression and many things are told. Sukhayu Ayurved is providing treatment for Avascular Necrosis Hip Joint since last 7 years. Without total hip replacement  only through ayurvedic medicines and panchakarma treatment. This is a case study of the patient Mr. Rajender Verma.

Avascular Necrosis Hip Case Without Total Hip replacement treatment for avascular necrosis hip joint

Rajender Verma Ji belongs to Rajasthan. He works as a government employee with a lot of field work. Mr. Verma started feeling pain in the inner thigh back in 2013. He was unable to walk straight. He was not able to walk properly. Soon he started the limping on one side also. He rushed to some orthopedics. Doctors advised for MRI of Hip Joint.  MRI report read- Grade 3 in Left and Grade 1 in Right hip. This was  shocking for him. Because his age was just 34 years. He was quickly advised for total hip replacement. Here is the MRI report of Mr. Verma.

He started with conventional system of medicines. But pain was increasing day by day. Somebody suggested him for Ayurvedic treatment for Avascular Necorsis hip and he rushed to Sukhayu.

Diagnosing AVN HIP at Sukhayu

During taking history of Mr. Verma. Dr. Pardeep Sharma noticed that he was using the steroids knowingly or unknowingly for his allergy in nose. This was the main reason behind the Avascualr necrosis of hip. We planned the treatment without total hip replacement

Treatment for Avascular Necrosis Hip

As per our principle of following Ayurvedic text. Treatment of Mr. Verma started under Dr. Pardeep Sharma. The first line of treatment was- Panchakarma. We gave him Panchakarma for 16 days at a stretch. After 10-11 days Mr. Verma started feeling better. His walk improved. His medicines were continued. The treatment for Avascular necrosis hip was designed to make sure that blood supply will be resumed to the head of femur in this patient.

He resumed his duties well with in one month. He started driving and biking. His daily walk improved with in 2 months.

His medicines were continue for 18 months. In these 18 months he came twice for panchakarma at sukhayu. Two times for 8 days.

His X Rays speak louder than our words now. You can check the difference in the X Ray before and after treatment. He doesn’t have any problems in walking or doing anything.

We evaluated the patient through Harris Hip Score and it improved dramatically from 55.4 to 90. His recent reports are quite normal. 
Without Total Hip replacement treatment for avascular necrosis hip joint

Avascular Necrosis of Hip Treatment Without Surgery

Generally about treatment through Ayurveda is questioned on one parameter. Parameter is- Ayurveda doesn’t have any evidences to prove efficacy of the treatment. Sukhayu Ayurved is regularly working on the pattern of proving Ayurved on evidences. Avascular Necrosis of hip treatment without surgery is possible. This phrase seems funny and false claiming to many. But we have a lot of success stories to prove this. This patient whom we are discussing here is Mr. Arvind (name changed for comfort of the patient) was advised to go for total hip replacement. He came to use with limp, severe pain. Panchakarma and Ayurvedic medicines, not only stopped the progress of disease but also reversed the grades of the disease. Thus we can say that Avascular Necrosis of Hip Treatment without surgery is possible. And here we are talking on the basis of evidences. No false claims. Here goes the complete story of Mr. Arvind who got Avascular necrosis treatment in Ayurveda.

Avascular Necrosis of Hip: Progress of Disease

Arvind works for a corporate company in a metro city Mumbai. Nowadays alcohol is the coolest way to show your coolness. So was the case with this young man. Who just started his carrier and was ready to fly high. With a lot of dreams. He felt pain in inner thighs. But he was not sure- what exactly was happening to him. He just avoided pain. Soon pain started getting severe.

He met some Orthopedist and MRI was done. MRI shocked him. He could not believe that he lost his hip in this young age. All dreams shattered. He was told that this is AVN of Hip joint. He will need to go for a total hip replacement and there is no other way for the treatment of this condition of AVN of hip joint.

Alcohol, which need to give him peace after a hectic day. Proved, fatal to him. Every person suggested him one thing and that was- total hip replacement. But he wanted some non surgical solution. He could not believe that there is no way to restore the hip joint. He kept on exploring. As he belongs to Jaipur. Someone suggested his family for Sukhayu and this is how Arvind came to us. Here are the before and after MRI Reports of the patient for your understanding…

AVN of HIP Joint Grade 3 to 2 Change

You can see yourself that in the first MRI this is grade III in MRI and second MRI speaks about grade II. This is not a magic or miracle. This is just a simple approach of Ayurveda. Ayurveda has well written a lot of details about every condition. Not with same name. But we need to find the Sutras. We at Sukhayu dont have same treatment for everyone. Every patient is assessed and examined according to Ayurved. As soon as we planned for the treatment, Mr. Arvind stayed there. Panchakarma started. Soon patient got relief in pain. Walk improved, every day. He was biking even. This was the first movement when he felt happy. His hope of Avascular Necrosis of hip without surgery proved right.

Avascular Necrosis Treatment in Ayurveda

In above films, you can find rebuilding of the cartilages. This cannot happen without restoration of Blood supply to the head of femur. In Avascular necrosis treatment in Ayurveda. Especially, in every case we make a decision and selection of medicines based on the problem of patient.

But requirement is that – pPatient needs to stay away from all type of steroids and alcohol for rest of the life.

Main aim of treatment in AVN of hip joint for team Sukhayu is to stop progression of the condition, immediately. So that problem wont progress. It is always better to restore your joints than to replace these.