Ayurveda about AVN

Before we know AVN treatment in Ayurveda we need to know what says Ayurveda about avascular necrosis. Because after conceptual understanding it is easy to elaborate the disease and to find the answer of disease. Avascular necrosis treatment in ayurveda is based on a complete understanding about the disease.

Ayurveda about Avascular necrosis

Ayurveda has detailed all the diseases properly. Not individually. But in form of syndromes. Syndromes, where pathological deformities are similar. In such a disease called- Vatarakta, Charaka and Sushruta has detailed the problem of Avascular Necrosis.

Generally problem with Ayurvedic treatments is- we try to find out the same medicines as used in allopathy or some other system. To ensure that we are using Ayurvedic formulations. This is not appreciable. Exact treatment can be planed when we have better understanding about the pathological developments. Treatment means – reversal of pathological process. Pathological process is detailed in a Sanskrit verse by Charaka

वायुर्विवृद्धो वृद्हें रक्तेनावरित: पथि !!
कृत्सन संदुस्येद्रकतम तत ज्ञेयं वात शोणितम !

Means, increased Vata Dosha when blocks the lumen of the blood vessels. This is Vatarakta. This shows- blockage of the vessels by something.

Vata is a Dosha. A bio-humor, controls movements of  body. Not only the big or major movements. But all movements. Even subtlest movements. Like movements of nutrients from one place to another place. The moment these movements disturb this lead to problems. Thus here main factor among the disease causing factors is Vata Dosha.

What Causes Avascular Necrosis

When we discuss- ayurveda about avascular necrosis, it is important to know about is there any similarity among the causes. While checking the causative factors for Vatarakata we find the following vereses from Charaka Samhita-

प्रायशः सुकुमारा मिथ्याहार विहारिनाम!!

The first line दध्यारनालसौवीरशुक्ततक्रसुरासवै: indicates about alcoholic preparations or fermented drinks. No doubt; alcohol is the primary cause for Avascular Necrosis- Ayurveda comments on that. But why this condition impacts only few of the persons who consume alcohol. Here is the answer for this. Because this impacts people who love luxury, eats irregularly. So ayurveda not only talks about the disease’s causes.

Ayurveda has treatment for Avascular necrosis

So it is clear that Ayurveda knows about Avascular necrosis. Line of treatment for Vatarakata is clear. Thus treatment of Avascular necrosis is possible through ayurveda and that too without surgery.

Main thing in treatment is to purify the blood and to pacify Vata. This should be done side by side. At Sukhayu Ayurved we have several case studies where grade of AVN regressed. Bone was reformed. It was not by chance… TESTIMONIALS OF PATIENTS OF AVN

Main thing in treatment of avascular necrosis is to ensure that improve the blood supply. So that we can provide nutrition to the decaying bones. This heals the bones slowly, no doubt but it is always an admirable way of treatment in comparison to the costly and uncertain hip/bone replacements.

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