Avoid Hip Replacement

Total Hip replacement in told as only solution of avascular necrosis. But this is not true. You can easily avoid hip replacement. About 78% patients successfully avoided hip replacement. This was possible through ayurvedic panchakarma treatment. Approach with the allopathic western sciences is to – Replace. On other hand Ayurved believes in Replenishing and Rebuilding.

This is like- some machine is not working properly. You wont always replace that. You always try to repair that machine. Engineers too believe in repair. Yet our developed doctors believe in just replacement.

Greed of money is more prevalent on the belief of treatment. It is not like that at Sukhayu we dont charge for repairing and replenishing the bones. We do charge. But only few percent of the total cost of total hip replacement.

How to avoid hip replacement through Ayurveda

When you want to avoid hip replacement. It is not impossible. But it is not too easy. Role of a patient is maximum in case of AVN. The basic thing is- avoidance of causative factors. Second is following the treatment. Third thing is to changing to lifestyle. Patience is the key for every patient. You need to give time to the body to repair the bone.

Avoidance of Causative factors

There are many causes for Avascular necrosis. But main are three- Alcohol, Steroids and Injury. Problem is serious with alcoholic patients. Because alcohol is an addiction for most of the patients. Patients find it hard to avoid alcohol habit. So this is mandatory for every patient that he/she will give up this addiction of alcohol.

When it is about steroids. Most of the patients suffer from serious condition for which they need to take steroids. There we are helpless. But in other cases where young people keep on taking so called protein powders (mixed with steroids). One more set is the people getting treatment from “uneducated” quack doctors who keep on giving the steroids (without knowledge of patient).

Injury you can avoid with precautions. Still there is no particular way for this. We understand this.

The last and most complicated thing is what allopathy call- “idiopathic“. Ayurved doesnt believe in idiopathic causes. Basically, cause is there but we (better to say they -allopaths) are not able to find or see that cause. As per Ayurved there are certain dietetic factors which are also responsible for the problem. So every patient needs to give up bad dietary habits too.

Panchakarma Treatments

A passage is blocked. What will you do? Removal of blockage needs removal of the obstacle. In simple language- CLEAR the PASSAGE. Panchakarma is a tool of Ayurveda for this removal of blockage. Panchakarma is aimed for removal of toxins. These are the toxins which block the passage. We remove these toxins through Panchakarma. This is basic reason why medicines are not alone enough in case of Avascular Necrosis. This is the truth there is no as such Ayurvedic Medicine for AVN . We need to clean the passage for sure. Role of medicines is to ensure proper nutritional supply of the medicines to affected part.

Is Total Hip Replacement a Permanent Solution?

Every allopath thinks that Ayurvedic people have some guilt-anger or hate towards allopathy. This makes us all (Ayurvedic Community) to talk about the ways to avoid surgeries. But, when we ask any surgeon- what is about hip replacement surgery. He will say- ohh it is easy with modern technology. But contrary to this; when you say how long the “new” surgery will last- they don’t have an answer for that! So this is not a fight between Ayurved and allopathy. This is requirement of human beings. All these efforts are for betterment of mankind. We need to understand that surgery is not a solution. We need permanent and better solution for all problems. For sure- total hip replacement is not a solution; at all.

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