AVN Hip Joint Ayurvedic Treatment

You talk about treatment in allopathy. They are champions now. Champions in changing the joints. They replace everything. What they can! But opposite to this. Ayurveda believes in restorations. Ayurveda talk about rebuilding the decayed joints. Thus we follow approach of Ayurveda at Sukhayu Ayurveda. We are providing solution for Avascular Necrosis of Hip joint since 2010. In this journey, Ayurveda treated a lot of patients. Mr. Vyas is one of them. Therefore it is important to share the story with you here. How did Mr. Vyas change his disability into capacity? How did we give best AVN hip joint ayurvedic treatment to him? And what are the results.

No history of steroids. He is a teetotaler so no issue with alcohol . No causative factors were there. Still he suffered from the AVN hip joint. The main issue with Mr. Vyas was increased triglycerides. Once we had the causative factor, we were able to plan the treatment accordingly.

AVN Hip Joint Ayurvedic Treatment

The first suggestion by surgeon was- total hip replacement. Thus Mr. Vyas came to Sukhayu Ayurved. We checked him properly and after taking all history. Treatment plan was prepared. We advised him for certain dietary restrictions. Panchakarma started.

Amazingly, surgeon told him- if you will  put weight on your hip and will walk normal your bone will crush? This made his life miserable. Once he started treatment at Sukhayu Ayurved, Dr. Pardeep suggested him to walk normally. His pain disappeared within three weeks and he resumed his duties.

In starting time of treatment, he was not sure that AVN hip joint ayurvedic treatment will work or not? But as soon as he relieved in pain. That too without any painkillers. He was confident enough.

What did AVN Hip Joint ayurvedic treatment change?

In earlier days we at Sukhayu wondered (some 6 years back) will our treatment bring some changes in XRay and MRI? Now, when we have enough evidences. We can share these success stories of AVN hip joint ayurvedic treatment.

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This all needed evidences. Cases like Mr. Vyas, boosted our spirit. Changes in XRay brought a lot of confidence to us, not only to the patients. Hence we kept on improving. As a result of this improvement today we can share, which grade of AVN of HIP joint we can treat. In earlier days, when we started treating these cases. We didn’t have any data or reports. Therefore Sukhayu didn’t promote treatment of AVN anywhere. But now, when we have ample of data we can say- yes there are better hopes for AVN hip joint ayurvedic treatment


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