Avascular Necrosis

Avascular necrosis is a condition where blood supply of a bone is reduced because of the blockage in blood vessels. The word avascular necrosis itself talks about the whole pathology of the disease itself. Blood supply is known as vascular and by affixing a with this means – No Blood Supply this makes the word- Avascular. Necrosis is all about the decay. Decay of the cartilage due to lack of blood supply. Bones starts decaying after the cartilages. Therefore AVN is same as – Osteonecrosis too.

This disease was never a common condition earlier. But in last two decades prevalence of this disabling disease is increasing day by day. Earlier these cases were never common but due to the lifestyle and dietary habits, this condition has been common nowadays.

Avascular Necrosis Osteonecrosis

Every human body part needs some nutrition. Without nutrition body decays. Same happens in case of Avascular necrosis. Blood vessels represent supply network for the body. Once this supply chain is blocked because of some reason, it leads to the lack of nutrition to the ultimate place. This is the main thing which happens in case of AVN.

Arteries carry blood. Blood carries nutrition. Blocked arteries mean blocked nutrition. When blood is not able to travel to the terminal point. It causes the decay in the body. Due to ischemia (blockage of arteries) noun Ischemic Necrosis of Bone.

The other reason behind the decay of the bone is- infection but in Avascular necrosis, there is no infection. Thus “aseptic-necrosis” term is used for this condition.

Symptoms of Avascular Necrosis:

AVN causes different signs and symptoms according to the area involved. Maximum times AVN appears in hip joint and that too on side of femur. So first basic symptom a person faces-

  • Pain in inner thigh
  • Difficulty in opening the legs
  • Problem in rotation of the lower limb
  • Problem in sitting cross leg
  • Pain while walking
  • Limping during walk

These are the major sign and symptoms of the Avascular necrosis of hip joint.

Same condition of Avascular necrosis might appear in other joints of the body. Knee joints, elbow joint and other bones are also prone to this condition. So symptoms which appear in AVN are different according to the bone or joint involved.

Causes behind Avascular Necrosis

There are many reasons behind the AVN and out of these main three are –

  • Accident
  • Alcohol
  • Steroids

There are many conditions and diseases where doctors dont have any choice other than the steroids to treat the patients. Same anabolic steroids leads a patient to Avascular Necrosis.  Thus while making list of the signs and symptoms, many people write – autoimmune diseases and other conditions treatable through steroids as cause of AVN. But this is not the case. This is not impact of disease. The impact comes from medicines used to treat the condition. Causes of AVN

Ayurveda treatment for Avascular Necrosis

Replace the joint or bone. This is ultimate solution available with modern day medical sciences. Reason is- a science based on engineering. Every time in every condition surgeons aim to remove or replace. Ayurveda promises best help in this condition. It is asked many times- was AVN present in patients in times of Charaka and Sushruta! Answer is simple- yes! Biology of human body is same. As it was in times of Charaka. Disturbance of physiology or biology is disease.

Charaka and Sushruta detailed all aspects of diseases and their causes in detail. This helps a physician to make a proper decision to treat any disease. Diseases with exact description are not available in Samhitas. Because diseases described in Ayurveda text are detailed as syndromes. This is detailed under Vata Rakta condition. Ayurveda about Avascular necrosis is very clear.

But treatment varies from patient to patient and condition to condition because cause also varies from patient to patient. We design the treatment for Avascular Necrosis as per the requirements of patients. Before that it is important to know about the condition of the patient, his grade of AVN and all other details before commenting on the treatment of the patient. You can send the MRI of patient or Digital Xray to us for the review from the contact us page.

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