Avascular Necrosis Stage 2 and 3 treatment

Hope is the first ingredient of any treatment. When it comes to conditions like avascular necrosis. Hope becomes more important. Because in this case patient knows the severity of the problem and condition. This hope strengthens after listening success stories of patients. Like other cases Mr. Jitendar from Haryana is one such case. This case boosted our moral for always. He came to us with a condition of Avascular necrosis in both hips. The main query for him was avascular necrosis stage 2 3 treatment because his MRI was-

Findings are Suggestive of Avascular necrosis of both hip joints Rt grade 2 and Lt grade 3. 

Mr. Jitendar consulted immediately with many orthopedicians and he ended up with only one though and that was to go for surgery later or sooner. But it is not an easy call to go for surgery in age of 33 years. He started looking for alternate to surgery for hip avn. He came to know about Sukhayu and rest made a history for patient and us–

Avascular Necrosis Stage 2 3 treatment

Condition of Mr. Jitendar was not good on the day from when we started his treatment. His moral was down. Doctors told him to use crutches. He was in bed. Due to disability and pain he stopped going to office. He was not able to open up his legs, apart. His walk was totally messed up.

After a round of detailed consultations. He joined us for the first session of treatment which is of 16 days at Sukhayu Ayurved jaipur for Avascular Necrosis Stage 2 3 treatment. During the first session of the treatment-

  1. Walk improved for the patient.
  2. He was able to open up his legs well.
  3. Patient started walking normally.
  4. Pain in the hip joint was reduced to almost 40%.

But pain and other symptoms are not worries of our physicians. We aim higher. We were looking for complete recovery.

Avascular Necrosis Stage 2 3 treatment: Ayurveda Medicines

This is always important to use the right medicines in this case. After pulse diagnosis Vaidya Pardeep Sharma starts medicines for the patients. So was done with Mr. Jitendar. After the first session of the Panchakarma treatments for Avascular Necrosis Stage 2 3 treatment- medicines continued for next 60 days for the patient. He joined back office and started riding his bike. Because he was able to open up the legs now. This brought great confidence in him.

Now Mr. Jitendar was able to walk better and better every day.

His first MRI of hip joint was done on 22nd June 2017. Recovery was great and we exDate pected one more case where we can find this changes in the MRI. It was in October 31, 2017 when we got the great news. Changes in MRI can be seen very well in the image below.

Best Ayurveda Avascular Necrosis Stage 2 3 treatment

Changes in MRI are quite visible. In MRI dated Jun 22 2017 you can see the cartilage is damaged more than 40 to 50% in both right and left images. On other hand hip MRI on the right shows just 10-20% of cartilage loss.

Thus, we just don’t work on reduction of pain. We believe in reconstruction of bone and cartilage in all such cases. This is the reason Sukhayu is the best place for providing treatment of Avascular Necrosis Stage 2 3. Please contact us and share your all the details and we will let you to know about all possibilities of treatment.

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