Avascular Necrosis of Hip Treatment Without Surgery

Avascular Necrosis of Hip Treatment Without Surgery

Generally about treatment through Ayurveda is questioned on one parameter. Parameter is- Ayurveda doesn’t have any evidences to prove efficacy of the treatment. Sukhayu Ayurved is regularly working on the pattern of proving Ayurved on evidences.¬†Avascular Necrosis of hip treatment without surgery is possible. This phrase seems funny and false claiming to many. But we have a lot of success stories to prove this. This patient whom we are discussing here is Mr. Arvind (name changed for comfort of the patient) was advised to go for total hip replacement. He came to use with limp, severe pain. Panchakarma and Ayurvedic medicines, not only stopped the progress of disease but also reversed the grades of the disease. Thus we can say that¬†Avascular Necrosis of Hip Treatment without surgery is possible. And here we are talking on the basis of evidences. No false claims. Here goes the complete story of Mr. Arvind who got Avascular necrosis treatment in Ayurveda.

Avascular Necrosis of Hip: Progress of Disease

Arvind works for a corporate company in a metro city Mumbai. Nowadays alcohol is the coolest way to show your coolness. So was the case with this young man. Who just started his carrier and was ready to fly high. With a lot of dreams. He felt pain in inner thighs. But he was not sure- what exactly was happening to him. He just avoided pain. Soon pain started getting severe.

He met some Orthopedist and MRI was done. MRI shocked him. He could not believe that he lost his hip in this young age. All dreams shattered. He was told that this is AVN of Hip joint. He will need to go for a total hip replacement and there is no other way for the treatment of this condition of AVN of hip joint.

Alcohol, which need to give him peace after a hectic day. Proved, fatal to him. Every person suggested him one thing and that was- total hip replacement. But he wanted some non surgical solution. He could not believe that there is no way to restore the hip joint. He kept on exploring. As he belongs to Jaipur. Someone suggested his family for Sukhayu and this is how Arvind came to us. Here are the before and after MRI Reports of the patient for your understanding…

AVN of HIP Joint Grade 3 to 2 Change

You can see yourself that in the first MRI this is grade III in MRI and second MRI speaks about grade II. This is not a magic or miracle. This is just a simple approach of Ayurveda. Ayurveda has well written a lot of details about every condition. Not with same name. But we need to find the Sutras. We at Sukhayu dont have same treatment for everyone. Every patient is assessed and examined according to Ayurved. As soon as we planned for the treatment, Mr. Arvind stayed there. Panchakarma started. Soon patient got relief in pain. Walk improved, every day. He was biking even. This was the first movement when he felt happy. His hope of Avascular Necrosis of hip without surgery proved right.

Avascular Necrosis Treatment in Ayurveda

In above films, you can find rebuilding of the cartilages. This cannot happen without restoration of Blood supply to the head of femur. In Avascular necrosis treatment in Ayurveda. Especially, in every case we make a decision and selection of medicines based on the problem of patient.

But requirement is that – pPatient needs to stay away from all type of steroids and alcohol for rest of the life.

Main aim of treatment in AVN of hip joint for team Sukhayu is to stop progression of the condition, immediately. So that problem wont progress. It is always better to restore your joints than to replace these.

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